Monday, 16 May 2016

Back To The Iron Fist

Imagine being raised by overly strict and dominant parents. They will impose rules, they will tell you it's for your own good. They will punish you if you don't obey. As a result, you will turn out as a disciplined person. 

But deep inside, you wanted to scream because even if you could see the intentions of your parents, you can also see that they are taking advantage of their power. You’re not allowed to give opinion or voice out your thoughts. The only thing that they care about is for the rules to be followed. They provide you everything and reward you a little gift for being obedient but you know you deserve more than that. You want to be treated with respect. For them, you’re just a son/daughter and they’re your parents, you owe them everything. 

Then one day, you couldn’t take it anymore so you decided to rebel and they kick you out of the house. But being on her own won’t be easy for a child who was shielded all her life. You finally have the freedom but you don’t know what to do with it. You don’t know how to start again. And because you hated the way your parents treated you, you think that everyone who gives rules limits your freedom. You want to do things your own way. You only want the rules that benefit you. You think that those who want to help you have interior motives. 

Then you find your life is in chaos. When no one can save you, you decided that life is better when you have your parents with you, giving you rules, imposing discipline because back then, life was easier. You start glorifying them and hate those who criticize their parenting technique. You think that your parents are your only salvation. But you’re wrong. You don’t need to be brainwashed by people who wanted to control you. You have your own mind. You can discipline yourself.

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